Back from the Great War

We made it back from the Great Pennsic War at last. 2 weeks of camping can make a man long for the luxuries of home.  Darkwood Armory did well. I had a chance to meet with a number of friends throughout the week, and to talk about many of the things that interest me the most, namely,  martial arts, armor, and reenactment.

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Stuff for the company of the Argent Lion

A few pics of stuff I want to outfit my company with.

An early 15th century hurlbat. Solid iron with steel edges it was for throwing at an opponent. It always stuck and even had a belt hook (shown broken off in the picture)






Rondel and ballock daggers as well as some late basilards.







Flails are cool! Be neat to make as well. Very authoritative weapon.







These Knights have a couple of different style of fauld that our new guys should look to make. The company is providing the breastplates, but our new guys will need to purchase or construct their own fauld.


A walkingstick Hammer

Probably not a bad thing to have in any fight. A hammer like this:

I really consider this weapon to be the ultimate self defense tool. Armed with this hammer I would be willing to face any form of unarmed, knife or stick wielding opponent. I suspect that I would be confident to face most anything outside of a gun.  I am fast and have a plan. I can hurt you through armor, If I could carry it around that way, I’d have a  spike on top but As it stands, I can use it as a cane and can carry it about anywhere I go out side of maybe an airport. As my friend Tim suggested, a solid fiber reinforced plastic version of this would make a cane you could literally carry anywhere. What a fine, always available weapon.

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Armet, closed Bascinet, or something else?

I am very interested in getting a response to this question. The helmets  are German, from around 1430, and consistant with drawing of helmets from other books, but to my knowledge there are none of these in any museum I know of.

I can see an armet, there is one with a similar hight neck and a rounded pierced visor. The roundel could even protect a hinge to allow the faceplate to be removed like a bascinet.  The other thing they might be is a closed helmet with bevor or wrapper pivoting on the same hinge as the visor. This is what my wife sees.

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Will’s Commonplace book


I hate this guy. Every time I get an idea about something to write, Will has done it better, it better researched, and more complete than I can hope to achieve. One particular example of stuff of his that is cool, the deeds of arms, I particlarly like the 15th century ones.

Check his stuff out. It will take you a year to get caught up, and by that time I might have written something worth writing.

Translation of Lignitzer’s Wrestling

Gregor Medvesek, has released an English translation of Andres Lignitzer’s wresting treatise.  Gregor is an instructor of the Schola Pugnatoria along with Igor Sancin, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Dijon in 2011. Gregor says that there is really no information on Lignitzer’s life or death but that he is mentions in many treatises and was mentioned a a master by Paulus Kal

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Stick and club Fiore style

It would be hard to determine if the stick or the rock was man’s first weapon, but it is apparent that the stick is still used as a weapon today. Similarly it was used in medieval Italy. Fiore shows a few plates where he explains the use of a stick for self defense. Fiore describes two different stick weapons he uses, a bastioncello and the club. The bastioncello is a little stick. The club, is a… well,  a club. The Getty manuscript has a play where the master has a club in each hand, following the use of the staff and dagger. Finally there is the spear and the axe. These are staff weapons but they can show us how Fiore would employ weapons of similar size and striking ability.

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New Hammer

Thursday I received a new hammer from Tinman Technologies I haven’t gotten it all working as well as I’d like, Kent says I will need to shim it a bit, but it is amazing the power that it possesses. I can’t wait to try some of my idea with it. It has enough power to raise 12 gauge cold. I am planning on trying to make some of the elbow and gauntlet parts  by raising rather than cut and weld. We will see if that can save me some time.

I will be rebuilding my website as soon as Pennsic is over with, in an attempt to offer the armoring world a place to buys tools and cut parts, patterns and such, This is for guys getting into armoring as well as experienced armorers who need to get parts cut and shaped. By using both the Pullmax and the Air hammers, I will be able to supply basically shaped parts for people to finish on their own. With the new battle of Nations thing going on, I expect it will increase the interest in real armor throughout the US.

Hope so, the hammer was expensive.

Tent Cities

I want a tent city for my group.  One like this:

There are certainly more elaborate ones I have seen, but this style seems the most suitable to what I do . Although considering the Company colors are Blue and White, perhaps a different color scheme is in order. I have seen a number of tents that would look good in this city. One that I have seen lately is this:

It is a double bell wedge from Midwest tents, I wonder if they would be willing to make me walls as well? Hmmmmm…..