Sasquatches and Apologies.

First apologies, to anyone who has been reading my blog. I just sort of stopped. But another bit of writing to hopefully add to your day.

Now sasquatches…. I don’t know how you feel about the whole sasquatch thing. I find it hard to ignore the number of sightings of an humanoid/animal of similar size and form, being tall and covered in hair. They can move quickly when they want to. People have even seen them up close, and still they describe much the same thing. One recent show had a description of a Sasquatch that caught my attention. The two musicians talked about a very close view they had of one who hurried across the road in front of their car less than 10 feet away. They described him as a very tall 6’8″ hominid with long body hair and in particular, very thin. They said that


they could see his ribs and bones indicating that he was malnurished.

It kinda struck me as odd that a hunter capable of running as fast as they supposedly can, of the size they said he was, would not be well fed in most any season. especially if he was as smart as a human is.

So assume for a second that there really are sasquatches and they are physically as described. If this one was thin, it might have been sick, or there could be another reason. What if a Sasquatch could hibernate not for a few months like bears, but for years. Yogis have successfully entered a state of suspended animation for as much as 6 weeks according to some credible sources. What if they could simply hibernate for several years? This skinny  sasquatch might have just come out of a hibernative state and was getting ready to forage and replenish his body.

And then consider they are long lived, particularly because they don’t age during the hibernation much like the Yoigi’s hair didn’t grow, as in this story. So consequently there would be fewer numbers, and slower reproduction. It would probably account for them being spread out and some kind of internal clock that tells them when it is time to mate.

They come out, eat and get fat, then shut down their body and prepare for a long sleep.  I am relatively sure that if there are sasquatches that they have some kind of family unit. but I suspect that the vast majority of the adult population could be single actors.

It certainly explains the infrequency but consistency of the sightings. I even consider this from an evolutionary standpoint:  If food were in short supply, wouldn’t a being that could hibernate until food was available again, have a large evolutionary advantage?

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