Horse Trailers

I have been researching horse trailers as it is getting close to the time I need more than an old stock trailer to move my horses around. I’ve been balancing weight, cost, features, safety, resale value…… it is a tough decision. And one that will set you back thousands no matter what you choose.

I have come to a couple of conclusions. Aluminum is way more expensive than steel and only saves you a few hundred pounds. Aluminum retains it’s value FAR better than steel, even if steel is well kept. Fiberglass reinforced plywood can be great, until the fiberglass is penetrated/damaged, then it goes down quick.

European trailers seem great weight and construction -wise, but price is way out there. Seems better to buy a well constructed US made trailer and save some cost.

I figure I will let you know how I decide………


And I have decided to buy an aluminum trailer. One of the things that convinced me of this was that aluminum trailers were selling used for only a thousand dollars less than new even as much as 10 years old. There are very few used aluminum trailers on the market. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy. I fund the most reasonable price for a good quality trailer out there. I will be happy to share their site, True Love Trading Company . I can say that the folks are very informative, helpful, and can tell you a great deal about horse trailers. I would even recommend calling them and asking them if a used trailer is a good deal for the price. They won’t go overboard trying to sell you one of theirs, but you might just change your mind when they offer up lots of things to consider.

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